It happens Thursday, December 15th from 6-11PM as well as Friday, December 16th, 6-11PM
It happens at a Gallery also called FUTURE PRESENCE

There will be artwork (paintings, drawings, collages, photographs, negative, positives, sculpture, happenings, installation, video, visual, sound and aural, assemblage, appropriated, collaborations and it's here now it's gone temporary works) by Nathaniel, Bryant Locher, Austin Swearengin, WUNDR, Jesse Draxler, Justin James Sehorn (as well as their collaboration, Bloodtime) Derek Ernster, Josh Wilichowski, Maria Juranic, Danielle Voight, Gregory J. Rose, David Jensen, Jonathan Delehanty, Rachel Weiher, Dexa Franks, Matt Locher, Shon Troth, Chris Park, Amina Harper, Russ Olson, Anna Pederson, Erin Smith, Scott Anderson, as well as additional work in the EON Soundspace by Bollywood, who performs Friday Night.

In our last blog post we mentioned the interconnected, interdisciplinary work happening in Minneapolis as of late; a small city with a small community of artists, musicians, creators and appreciators who works with each other often and in a variety of mediums. FUTURE PRESENCE 4 is that. It is collaboration. It is a mix of ideas. It is risky. It is us. It is you. It is Minneapolis. It is provacative. It is now. It is lurid. It is taking a small, loose circle of creators and making it smaller. It is dozens of different expressions, all reinforcing what we already know; that Minneapolis has a scene that is ready to blow up. Have you seen this yet? Have you been wanting to? 

This is FUTURE PRESENCE 4 , and at this moment, you should be here with us...


First Monday Movies presents Liquid Sky

Trashy Flashy: 80's NY NoWave scene parallels MPLS Untitled Movement

This month, we at The FUTURE PRESENCE Gallery have launched two new programs that open up our creative space to further inspiration and collaboration. The first being our monthly FREAKONOMIQUE Music Series, where musicians are given an installation space and a month to create an immersive world for experimental music. For our second new program, we would like to invite you to our First Movie Monday screening of 80's cult trash film Liquid Sky paired with the premier showing of local director Scott Anderson's Veritas/Truth.

This entry will be less about the movies themselves (as nothing is worse than a spoiler) and more about the moods and connections that the films create. New York during the early 1980's was particularly hard hit by a national recession; a place where downtown was still dangerous and Times Square was not yet a cleaned-up tourist destination. It was also a place where artists, runaways and the ambitious could go to live whatever dream they had, and became the breeding ground for a post-punk melting pot renaissance. Liquid Sky is a portrait of this world, mixing the drugs, sleaze and grime of an urban epicenter with a variety of themes delivered with heavy-handed philosophy of the times and self-aware parody.  At a time when underground cinema was just beginning to see daylight, Liquid Sky was one of the first truly independent movies to be both a cult and a (very) minor mainstream success that paved the way for hundreds of films since. Here in Minneapolis, artist/art director/music video maker Scott Anderson's experiment with found VHS tapes and outdated recording technology is firmly tongue in cheek, blurring the same "Is this intentionally bad?" line that Liquid Sky rides.

Another parallel arises, less from the styles of the films but from the environment and factors that created them. From an art historian perspective, the film offers a unique view of the early 80's downtown scene: where artists, graffiti writers, musicians, fashion and filmmakers collaborated with the party crowd and the rich met the poor to battle over creative dominance. Known to some as the Downtown 500 (whose members included Jean Michel Basquiat, Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring, David Byrne, Madonna, Klaus Nomi...), Fab Five Freddy recalls that the scene was all about cross pollinating, and being interdisciplinary. "You could just like say I'm a filmmaker, and like your first screening, we would be there! and you'd be a filmmaker."

If you are a creative type living in Minneapolis, a small city with little art history of its own, it might be easy to look at an epoch like 80s New York as a world away, and wishing to be there. But if you take a look around you, and replace big city angst with Midwestern work ethic and attention to craft, you will realize that we may have a similar renaissance on our hands...Years ago there was a crop of talented artists who made an impression in Minneapolis, and then booked the first plane-ticket to New York. Less than a decade later, with rent impossibly expensive in Manhattan and Brooklyn, artists are finally deciding to stay here, in boring Minneapolis, where they can afford to work. They are coming from around the country as well, actors from LA and NY can find work here, musicians from Eau Claire, Chicago and Austin collaborate freely in our community, and even those artists that moved to New York are slowly finding their way back. The charm of 80s New York, the cheap rent, cheap bars, a music scene, an art scene, a film scene; that can all be found here! To further my case, I challenge you to think of a single creative in this city that sticks to one medium.  Artists use many mediums, installations and street art. Everyone is in a band, and their friends make their music videos. Advertisers are writers, baristas are poets and Target designers are print shop owners. It seems like everyone I know has an Etsy or Facebook page for their creative passions. Although it may not be as glitzy, and the rich collectors may not have discovered it quite yet, please trust me that the Minneapolis Untitled Movement will soon be making waves. After all, we are asking quite nicely for you to pay attention.

One more thought: As winter grows colder it seems ludicrous to those from warm climates that many of us are excited about it. But we are a strange breed - true Minneapolitans know that this is the time of the year when we get the most work done, painting series are started, films are created and new albums are finished. Because what else are you supposed to do while locked inside for 6 months out of the year?  With that said, stop into The FUTURE PRESENCE Gallery once a month for an art opening, once for an experimental music show, and the first Monday of every month to see what your friends and neighbors have been creating.


The Freakonomique Music Series Presents: Jonathan Delehanty's Prisms Opposed to Prudence

We here at The FUTURE PRESENCE Gallery have a variety of influences, some obvious (the future, dystopian novels, 90s cyber subculture), some quite specific (holograms, white, the films and scores of John Carpenter), but for us music is one of the most influential and essential of commonalities. There is rarely a time in the gallery that music is not blasting from somewhere, fueling our inspirations as we paint walls and plan shows. For this and other reasons, I have begun a monthly experimental musical curating series called Freakonomique.  Freakonomique will draw on the wide range of noise, cinematic, and concept sounds happening here in Minneapolis, offering aural artists our newly appointed EON Soundspace to convert to whatever feverish dream performance they have.  We are excited to announce our inaugural act, our friend Jonathan Delehanty performing his electronic symphony, 'Prisms Opposed to Prudence' this Friday, November 18th at 8PM.

From the badlands of Wisconsin, Delehanty attracted a considerable buzz amongst independent labels at a young age for his singer-songwriter acoustic work, often posted on the then popular music platform Myspace. Although none of these labels were able to give Delehanty the creative control he needed, he was able to record and distribute 'Songs About the Sun' in 2005 before moving to Minneapolis.

Enrolled at the University of MN, Delehanty began experimenting with electronically composed music, as legend has it, to prove a point while receiving a failing grade in a Philosophy of Music course. After hooking up with Minneapolis record producer Moonglyph (Buffalo Moon, Tender Meat), 'Prisms Opposed to Prudence' was recorded in its' entirety and printed in a limited run of hyper-color cassettes.

PictureThis Friday, Delehanty will play his cassette during a special performance with visual accompaniment, anchored by the incredibly talented Jon Kuder of the band Voyager, and Art Business.  We hope to see you there.



Sparse, Vague & Infinitely Deep - "Strangers to Ourselves" Opens Tonight at The FUTURE PRESENCE Gallery

Friday, October 28th 2011 6-11PM

This calm and chilly late October evening, with Halloween's eeriness thick in the air, is a time when we are all a bit truer to ourselves when in disguise. Perhaps fittingly, it is also the Opening Reception of  The Future Presence Gallery of Austin Swearengin & Derek Ernster's semi-collaborative effort, 'Strangers to Ourselves'.

Although the exhibit is titled after Timothy D. Wilson's book of the same name, there are intentionally very few clues as to any specific meaning or intent behind the exhibition.  On display are some ten pieces, including sculpture, video, photography and painting pieces, each with its own subtle clues as to an overall theme. Ernster and Swearengin, both students at MCAD and from the same hometown of Kansas City, insist there is more than meets the eye.  Swearengin states, "(this show)...explores perception as medium, and unconscious effects of optics and architecture on human awareness...the exhibition questions previous understandings of optics and phenomenology in the artistic sphere."

The Future Presence Gallery as a space will definitely feature strongly in this exhibition, as the pieces themselves are rather quite and subdued, and reflect their surroundings quite intensely.  It is my opinion that many Minneapolis art enthusiasts, perhaps more used to the graffiti and Pop Art-influenced shows that are so prevalent here, might not immediately favor this rather quiet display. However, the more time spent with these pieces, the more they have to whisper to you.  Calling on traditions of Op Art, Assemblage and Appropriation, the pieces begin to connect themselves to each other, and to the space itself.  I am also reminded to the work of Richard Tuttle, who at a time when Abstract Expressionism's bravado and massive scale was the national style, created soft and gentle works to combat this arm's race of peacocking. It is possible that many people will not glean a message from this sparse and challenging exhibition, but perhaps in a fast-paced, Google Image-fueled world, the still waters of this show may prove to run deeper.

The Opening Reception will be tonight from 6-11PM, and will run through the December 6th Closing Reception. Private viewings and Gallery Hours will be by appointment, and during upcoming the following upcoming events.

- The FREAKANOMIQUE Music Series Presents Jonathan Delehanty, performing his electronic symphonies PRISMS OPPOSED TO PRUDENCE. Jon Kuder (of Voyager) and Art Business will open. This event will also be the premier of the EON Soundspace, located within the gallery.
- First Monday Movies, a monthly screening of cult, classic and experimental films, will be showing Liquid Sky, alongside the premier of local film-maker Scott Anderson's 'Veritas/Truth'.

As always, this event is made entirely possible through generous support from Pabst Blue Ribbon and l'etoile Magazine


PHARMACOPEIA Closing Party, & The Weirdest Art Show Review Ever?

Tuesday, October 11th Bryant Locher's PHARMACOPEIA exhibit will be ending its run at The FUTURE PRESENCE Gallery. To celebrate, and to give those who have not had the pleasure to view this large collection of Locher's colorful work in one place, there will be a small closing party from 7-9PM.  Refreshments will be available, and Locher will give those gathered on a small tour of his work.
'Black Door'. 72" x 48". Acrylic Paint on Tinted Canvas on Door Frame. 2011.

The show opened September 30th to a stylish group of art-lovers, artists, musicians and vagrants. Art openings can be strange and wonderful events, and for most of the evening the guests remained a normal if not raucuos group, drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon cans and discussing the intricate paintings and the light displays by Locher, while cool, steely mixes from DJ SOVIET PANDA and members of SOLID GOLD floated through the gallery. But perhaps the strangest event of the evening was one particular art lover, who after a brief glance around the gallery, went directly to the podium at the entrance of the gallery and began to write in the guest book. After a few minutes, those gathered couldn't help but wonder what, and how much, this man was writing. Some twenty minutes later they could think of nothing else. Finally, the gentlemen exited, leaving only the strangest, or most insightful, personal review of an art show I have ever seen. Here it is, verbatim, minus spelling errors corrected.

‘Those capsulated time-packed pellets are working. Keep exploring the possibility of different “kinds” of time. Hints abound. Study the multiple simultaneous-seeming pulses – regular time, seasonal time, watery time, ecstatic time or a kind of star time. You are onto something true here – keep at the research. A big discovery at the tiny, buzzing hummingbird rewired for harder work, rewarding rendezvous, skull spiritual employment will follow.

Copper Wire’ very, very nice. ‘Green Pole’ needs a new name. The barometric essence of this figure suggests a capacity to tackle the problem of density. Solved, you will find something truly remarkable about the power of water to remember everywhere water ever was. You open the possibility of redeeming ‘the mother’- releasing the essence of a genuine conscience of its wild wisdom, which is lightyears beyond science. Science will verify what your conscience drives at weaves with the urgency of water and you keep/continue working to release it from the trip of obedience. Encouraging.

Keep going with this. A good channel for you, Bryant. Keep bending it, reverse it, work on opposites that marry-up. A very good go.’


To see the work reviewed here, stop into The FUTURE PRESENCE Gallery Tuesday, October 11th at 7PM.



PHARMACOPEIA Opens Tonite, September 30th 2011.

Bryant Locher's solo exhibition PHARMACOPEIA opens tonite at The FUTURE PRESENCE Gallery.

Locher (pictured next to work installed last evening) will be presenting fine art and lighting design pieces that will have visitors seeing colors.

Opening ceremonies begin at 6PM and will end at Midnight. PHARMACOPEIA runs through October 11th, with gallery hours opening weekend and by appointment.
Facebook invite and additional info


PHARMACOPEIA - Friday, September 30th 6PM-MIDNIGHT

This Friday, the Future Presence Gallery is proud to present the collected work of a true Minneapolis talent in PHARMACOPEIA: A Solo Exhibit by Bryant Locher.

The title of the show is a reference to the artists past and influences, particularly those coming from his artist mother and doctor father. Bryant's work, although unintentionally and perhaps even indirectly, is a metaphor for contemporary art today. Half fine art, half design influenced where incredibly labor-intensive paintings of bright and unusual color pallete will be shown next to light and installation pieces created for live shows of the musicians that Locher has collaborated with over the years.

This wide-spread use of talents seems quite typical of the new Minneapolis aesthetic. In addition to founding and running the Future Presence Gallery, Locher has worked as a lighting and set designer for numerous plays and music performances, was a featured toy design artist at Tomodachi, designs flyers for nationally touring bands, created video work for MPLS.TV and the Soap Factory, and has exhibited his fine art at several local galleries including Spot Art and Gallery13. With such a broad range of talents and interests, PHARMACOPEIA will surely dazzle and stun the senses, and further blur the already static lines between art and design.

Expect to hear sounds from musical collaborators of Lochers', as well as refreshments from our friends at Pabst Blue Ribbon and Peace Coffee. Hope to see you there.



'It's Been Awhile' An Explanation and Information on upcoming FUTURE PRESENCE GALLERY events

Hello all.  If you have stopped by The Future Presence Gallery's blogspot here you will have noticed that has not been updated since the day before our exhibition of IMPERMANENT PUBLIC, which was all the way back in July.  Here's why:

- IMPERMANENT PUBLIC - The New & Evolving Street Art exceeded ALL of our expectations. More than 500 people came to our one-night only event, crowding and warming the gallery on one of the warmest of Minneapolis summer nights. The response was incredibly positive, and all the artist's work collected looked amazing. Writers, graf artists, friends, entire families, neighbors, old couples, dogs, cats, press and it seemed like everyone who know everyone stopped in and showed their appreciation for this new form of public expression. As a curator, I was entirely blown away and incredibly moved by the interest, ideas exchanged and the number of people who notice and care about the amazing art happening in this city.

The show was so well attended and drew such a great response that there was an unexpected result: we actually got several warnings from other gallery owners, art organizers and in the know people that we were officially on police radar and needed to keep a lower profile lest we be subject to fire code violations, not having proper crowd permits or liquor busts. To avoid this unwanted attention, our next exhibit, our namesake group  show, FUTURE PRESENCE 3, was a rather quiet affair. The exhibition featured a mix of a dozen Minneapolis-based established and relatively emerging artists, and was a beautiful showing of contemporary work from a rising group of artists.  The fourth installment of the series, FUTURE PRESENCE 4, will reunite the almost 40 artists who have participated in all of the group shows together, making special room for collaborations and installations from artists who met and started working with each other after exhibiting together at Future Presence shows.

- Before that, gallery co-founder Bryant Locher will gather a prodigious and varied body of work for a solo exhibition, PHARMACOPEIA.  Since moving to Minneapolis several years ago, Locher has creates colorful geometric abstract paintings in addition to lightshows and productions for local luminaries ranging from Gayngs, Solid Gold, Lookbook and the Pines. PHARMACOPEIA opens September 30th at 6PM.



It seems impossible but the day is almost here, IMPERMANENT PUBLIC is tomorrow night at The FUTURE PRESENCE Gallery. I am going to give directions one more time (The Future Presence Gallery is located at 1126 2nd Street NE, Minneapolis MN 55413 in the Northeast Arts District) and then get back to work fixing up the place for your arrival.

Look forward to seeing work by locals HOTTEA, Jenny Moxley, Phil Jones, Light The Underground, myself, Andrew Casey and work by not so local Sean Martindale, Gregos, Edina Tokodi & Lee Walton.  There will be music, refreshments and the best mix of installation and documented street art that Minneapolis has seen in far too long.  We hope to see you all there!


Here is a preview video and some links of what's to come:
Local News Team Stopping by the Gallery
Star Tribune's Vita.mn Recommends You Stop By
MPLS.TV sees some HOTTEA


Momentary Performance by Lee Walton, Tuesday 7PM on 2013 Hennepin Ave

It is my immense joy to reveal the location and time of the first collaboration between The FUTURE PRESENCE Gallery and Lee Walton. On Tuesday, July 26th, there will be a Momentary Performance staged at 2013 Hennepin Avenue South, between our friends at Shameless Inc. and Liquor Lyles. This is the first of two performances with Walton, the second of which will be at the opening night of IMPERMANENT PUBLIC, this Friday, July 29th.

Lee Walton once described himself as an Experiential Artist, thus creating the term Experiential Artist. Experientialism is the idea that something must be experienced to be learned, and is then relatable to anyone who has experienced it. Walton’s work often investigates and highlights the brief, everyday aspects of our lives and stages them in a public setting, making the ordinary something more than. His ‘Momentary Performances’ ride a fine line between deep art theory and an appreciation of human nature. Seeing letters promoting FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 6 PM PERSON WEARING A WHITE HAT STOPS TO EAT A PB AND J SANDWICH on a building wall creates a sense of anticipation, even if it would normally be a forgettable event.

“This dissolving of the boundaries between art and life is understandably necessary”, says Walton. The audience becomes part of the performance as they can now see themselves as witnesses and participants, even if they are waiting for a bus or running an errand, “I like when the art bleeds into real life just enough.”

As Experientialism was first described by Linguists George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, “You cannot function within the environment without changing it or being changed.” Through such work, Walton does more than blur the boundaries between art and reality, he makes the rest of our reality art.

Special thanks goes out again to Shameless, Inc Tshirt & Printshop for their support and vision in allowing us to use their walls for this performance. You can view more of Lee Waltons work at his website, http://www.leewalton.com/


Toronto's Sean Martindale in IMPERMANENT PUBLIC

I am not quite sure how to describe how exciting it is to have Sean Martindale involved in IMPERMANENT PUBLIC. A few months ago, when this show was still hatching in my brainpan, I emailed him to express my appreciation for a project he had worked on where he organized a group of artists to creatively fix dilapidated city planters in Toronto. After a brief exchange we decided that his work seemed necessary in the show, as did a collaborative piece designed by Martindale and built by The Future Presence Gallery for Minneapolis. This is almost the art equivalent of Michael Jordan agreeing to be on your pickup basketball team.

For those of you who are not familiar with his work, he has been featured on just about every art/culture/fashion/trend blog ever for his inspired, unique public interventions which often combat advertising and urban grime with greenery. His work blankets not only the internet but also appears on city streets through collaborations with artists worldwide.

Pictured above is one of his more fascinating projects, an example of the Poster Pocket Plants, a collaboration with Eric Cheung . Using wheatpasted and illegal ad posters as material, they cut or extend a rip in the poster, staple it to the side and fill this created pocket with gravel, soil and everything a growing plant needs. It seems so, pardon the expression, natural, to take decomposing matter and make something bloom from it. Practical, beautifying and creative, Sean Martindale is most certainly a key figure in a new international direction for street and public art. 


IMPERMANENT PUBLIC is Friday, July 29th from 5-11 at the Future Presence Gallery, 1126 2nd St NE, MPLS MN, 55413


IMPERMANENT PUBLIC Artist Profile: Light The Underground


At only 20 years old, Light The Underground has already created an impressive portfolio of light projects and social experiments. His process includes exploring abandoned buildings, factories, sewers and caves and creating a photograph using slow exposure and lights. “I started out as an urban explorer just taking pictures of the places I went but after a while it was the same old tunnels and same pictures. Then I came across light painting and it started a whole new way to photograph the places I went. I do research and there is a tight knit community of urban explorer who I sometimes go with and find lots of my locations through them.”

He will then frame these pictures and return them to the place where the image was created, thus illuminating this space. Although most of us will never see these works in the habitats they were created, we can imagine the surreal experience of seeing a finely framed print in an abandoned space, almost as a marker of past explorers or a modern cave drawing. It is easy to assume that this illumination is both a literal and figurative one; highlighting economic conditions, unused potential or our throw-away consumerist culture. But when asked of his motivations, Light The Underground responds with youthful charisma, “I like to share my work with others and try to let people see the rare and exotic locations they don't usually get to see, and at the same time getting people to wonder how the photograph got there. I haven't thought much about a larger message”.


You can of course see more at IMPERMANENT PUBLIC at The Future Presence Gallery July 29th, and at Lighttheunderground.com



Here is a video by Thomas Dunning showing HOTTEA's latest work, well, besides the amazing installation he has upcoming at IMPERMANENT PUBLIC. Check it out, and dont forget to mark your calendars for July 29th, 5PM-11PM



Where: The FUTURE PRESENCE Gallery
1126 2nd Street NE. MPLS, MN 55413
Friday, July29th: 5-11 PM

The FUTURE PRESENCE Gallery would like to invite you to a special one-night only exhibition titled IMPERMANENT PUBLIC, an examination on the new evolution of street art as a means of positive interaction in public spaces. There is little doubt that street art is now one of the dominant voices in contemporary art.  Celebrity street artists such as Banksy, Space Invader and OBEY can be found in public settings but predominantly in galleries, museums, and in endless lines of merchandise.  The focus of this type of street art tends to be recognition for the artist, and not for the art itself.  IMPERMANENT PUBLIC will examine work by local, national and international artists whose main message is awakening a renewed wonderment with the urban landscape, all while using organic materials and non-destructive methods to relate with the public and our shared spaces. 
The show will feature documented work as well as special site-specific installations by yarn artist HOTTEA, internationally renowned artist Sean Martindale of Toronto, Light The Underground, Andrew Casey, Phil Jones, Jenny Moxley and Nathaniel.  One of the highlights of the evening will no doubt be a special “Momentary Performance” by Experiential artist Lee Walton, whose work publicly documents the most basic actions of a modern urbanite. This will surely be one of the most talked about art events of the summer, and we hope to see you there.
This event is presented in part by l’etoile Magazine, Pabst Blue Ribbon and MPLS.TV.

The Future Presence Gallery is an artist-run cooperative gallery located in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. We are dedicated to presenting the best contemporary art shows in Minneapolis by displaying a competitive mix of established and undiscovered local talent.


space time

We finally got our space (near 13th and 2nd in NE Minneapolis) for the Future Presence art-a-whirl show (May 20-22), this was the first place we went for only to be told it was being converted into apartments. 1/2 of the people who run the second choice totally fucked up and others just didn't make the cut. We went back to the first place and dealt with the property owner directly, full on lesson in persistence; sometimes the only way to get things done is to go to the top. Besides the artist's work the bathroom of the place is going to be a work of art on it's own.
We decided on the winner of our open call, but we're going to wait another day or so before we announce any parts of the roster. As the weeks and days count down we'll be posting samples/statements/interviews with the people involved in the show, including a Nathaniel v Bryant interview and potentially something involving a psychic medium and a famous dead artist (I'm not going to go into more detail about that quite yet).

That's the news for right now; so as I've said in every other post so far, stay tuned for some actual content.



on the way

The show is approaching and the prep work is growing, but we're getting excited and so far the list of artists we have assembled is a good one.  In the coming weeks we'll be posting information/statements/interviews from the artists taking part in the Future Presence art-a-whirl show. Continue to stay tuned, as the date gets closer the quality and amount of content will grow



Here is the full stack of info we're looking for

Future Presence presents a group exhibition of local artists May 22nd & 23rd.
This event is the next installment of the Future Presence series of art events, and will take place during Art-A-Whirl in Northeast Minneapolis’ Art District.

Submissions are now open until April 15th, 2011.
There is no theme for the show, just present us the best examples of work you are proud of. There is also no fee to apply, but there will be a rental fee divided by the number of participating artists (roughly $30). There will not be a commission on any work sold, in other words, artists keep 100% of profits.

Please send us:
- A minimum of four (4) works that you are submitting, with the title in the file.
- Must be a jpeg, hi-res file.
- Completed Submission Form
- Completed Tags for each piece.
- Must be a Word document.
Work must be available May 10th-25th and be ‘ready to hang’.
Selected artists will be alerted by April 25th and drop off dates will be May 9st-10th.

Submission Form
Website/ Portfolio:
Current City/MN:
*Age: (optional)
Recent Exhibitions/Awards, Etc.

Concept Description:
Special Instructions for Display



We are doing an open call for artists interested in being part of the next show. Email futurepresenceshows@gmail.com and we'll send you the details for submitting to the call.  Deadline is April 15th and we'll make our decisions by the 25th. Spread the word

The exhibit will take place in Northeast Minneapolis during art-a-whirl weekend. It will open on May 22 and be up until the 25th

first post

this is the first post, in the coming months as the next Future Presence approaches information and details will be posted