It happens Thursday, December 15th from 6-11PM as well as Friday, December 16th, 6-11PM
It happens at a Gallery also called FUTURE PRESENCE

There will be artwork (paintings, drawings, collages, photographs, negative, positives, sculpture, happenings, installation, video, visual, sound and aural, assemblage, appropriated, collaborations and it's here now it's gone temporary works) by Nathaniel, Bryant Locher, Austin Swearengin, WUNDR, Jesse Draxler, Justin James Sehorn (as well as their collaboration, Bloodtime) Derek Ernster, Josh Wilichowski, Maria Juranic, Danielle Voight, Gregory J. Rose, David Jensen, Jonathan Delehanty, Rachel Weiher, Dexa Franks, Matt Locher, Shon Troth, Chris Park, Amina Harper, Russ Olson, Anna Pederson, Erin Smith, Scott Anderson, as well as additional work in the EON Soundspace by Bollywood, who performs Friday Night.

In our last blog post we mentioned the interconnected, interdisciplinary work happening in Minneapolis as of late; a small city with a small community of artists, musicians, creators and appreciators who works with each other often and in a variety of mediums. FUTURE PRESENCE 4 is that. It is collaboration. It is a mix of ideas. It is risky. It is us. It is you. It is Minneapolis. It is provacative. It is now. It is lurid. It is taking a small, loose circle of creators and making it smaller. It is dozens of different expressions, all reinforcing what we already know; that Minneapolis has a scene that is ready to blow up. Have you seen this yet? Have you been wanting to? 

This is FUTURE PRESENCE 4 , and at this moment, you should be here with us...

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