PHARMACOPEIA - Friday, September 30th 6PM-MIDNIGHT

This Friday, the Future Presence Gallery is proud to present the collected work of a true Minneapolis talent in PHARMACOPEIA: A Solo Exhibit by Bryant Locher.

The title of the show is a reference to the artists past and influences, particularly those coming from his artist mother and doctor father. Bryant's work, although unintentionally and perhaps even indirectly, is a metaphor for contemporary art today. Half fine art, half design influenced where incredibly labor-intensive paintings of bright and unusual color pallete will be shown next to light and installation pieces created for live shows of the musicians that Locher has collaborated with over the years.

This wide-spread use of talents seems quite typical of the new Minneapolis aesthetic. In addition to founding and running the Future Presence Gallery, Locher has worked as a lighting and set designer for numerous plays and music performances, was a featured toy design artist at Tomodachi, designs flyers for nationally touring bands, created video work for MPLS.TV and the Soap Factory, and has exhibited his fine art at several local galleries including Spot Art and Gallery13. With such a broad range of talents and interests, PHARMACOPEIA will surely dazzle and stun the senses, and further blur the already static lines between art and design.

Expect to hear sounds from musical collaborators of Lochers', as well as refreshments from our friends at Pabst Blue Ribbon and Peace Coffee. Hope to see you there.


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