The Freakonomique Music Series Presents: Jonathan Delehanty's Prisms Opposed to Prudence

We here at The FUTURE PRESENCE Gallery have a variety of influences, some obvious (the future, dystopian novels, 90s cyber subculture), some quite specific (holograms, white, the films and scores of John Carpenter), but for us music is one of the most influential and essential of commonalities. There is rarely a time in the gallery that music is not blasting from somewhere, fueling our inspirations as we paint walls and plan shows. For this and other reasons, I have begun a monthly experimental musical curating series called Freakonomique.  Freakonomique will draw on the wide range of noise, cinematic, and concept sounds happening here in Minneapolis, offering aural artists our newly appointed EON Soundspace to convert to whatever feverish dream performance they have.  We are excited to announce our inaugural act, our friend Jonathan Delehanty performing his electronic symphony, 'Prisms Opposed to Prudence' this Friday, November 18th at 8PM.

From the badlands of Wisconsin, Delehanty attracted a considerable buzz amongst independent labels at a young age for his singer-songwriter acoustic work, often posted on the then popular music platform Myspace. Although none of these labels were able to give Delehanty the creative control he needed, he was able to record and distribute 'Songs About the Sun' in 2005 before moving to Minneapolis.

Enrolled at the University of MN, Delehanty began experimenting with electronically composed music, as legend has it, to prove a point while receiving a failing grade in a Philosophy of Music course. After hooking up with Minneapolis record producer Moonglyph (Buffalo Moon, Tender Meat), 'Prisms Opposed to Prudence' was recorded in its' entirety and printed in a limited run of hyper-color cassettes.

PictureThis Friday, Delehanty will play his cassette during a special performance with visual accompaniment, anchored by the incredibly talented Jon Kuder of the band Voyager, and Art Business.  We hope to see you there.


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