UNDR MPLS flyer design by Ellie Love Stoehr

This Saturday The FUTURE PRESENCE Gallery will open up it's doors for a one night only special presentation titled UNDR MPLS - a display of the artists cooperative gallery's exploration of the burgeoning and sometimes overlapping cultures of Minneapolis' Urban Exploring, Light-Painting and Underground Art Project Communities.  Because the communities that will be featured are inherently difficult to find and not all in one place, UNDR MPLS is being dubbed as being more of an 'art examination' rather than an exhibition, shining a cursory light on these rarely seen worlds.

Perhaps unbeknownst to the general populace, Minneapolis is home to an internationally recognized urban exploring community - explorers who find joy in investigating and photographing the Twin Cities' abandoned mills, crumbling warehouses and earliest tunnel systems. Through a series of photos, documentation and actual objects found underground and in abandoned buildings, the Gallery will be attempt to replicate the very world it is featuring, with work by UNDR MPLS co-curator Andrew Casey (Urbancamper), Thelma, Lackluster Lakelurker and others.

On display will be Light Painting works by Ectro, Brian Hart, Twin Cities Brightest and Light The Underground. Light Painting is the use of light to draw, paint or illuminate objects or shapes while the camera lens remains open, and captures a seemingly impossible moment on film. Minneapolis happens to have an incredibly talented pool of Light Painters, a small community that challenges and informs each other -and also happen to be pushing the boundaries of this art form on an international level.
Untitled (Tunnel) - Image by Andrew Casey

In the EON Soundspace basement project space of the Gallery, Jellybones, Senza, WUNDR, Biafra and Shaper have used their own inimitable styles of graffiti, design and stencil to replicate the environments documented in the Urban Exploring photographs in the main Gallery.  It will also provide an ideal environment for our musical guests, Crunchy Kids and John Dungey, courtesy of Last Triumph.

This event starts at 6PM and will last until Midnight this Saturday, May 5th. It is brought to you with special support from Pabst Blue Ribbon, L'etoile Magazine, Joia All-Natural Sodas and MPLS.tv.

Facebook event and more information can be found here

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  1. I wish I could make it! I'm so far underground, it would take to long to surface for the event! Have a great night.