I've been talking more than writing

I'm the part of Future Presence that hasn't posted much here (Bryant). While I don't have any new news about what was previously posted by Nathaniel I do want to say that the support and concern shown by those I encounter has been a source of motivation in the face of a situation that would easily have taken the steam out of many. An element of creation is to combine individual elements and form them into something new; sometimes it's easy, other times it's a battle; shaping the space into what has become the Future Presence Gallery hasn't been easy and we are now in a battle against the inevitable, but the fight will go on and if the walls do fall they will fall forward. We are moving forward with the upcoming "I'm New Here" show and moving forward with plans for future shows and performances. The concept of the future is a large inspiration to each of us, we have an eye looking to what has yet to occur and are compelled to try to show and create our own versions of the future in our art; Future Presence was created with that same compulsion; gallery or not, that drive will not stop.  The future is uncontrollably out of reach, what is controllable is how fast and how far you reach towards it. So go to your calendar and in an attempt to reach the future grab your calendar and plan come to the gallery on the 23rd and 24th for "I'm New Here". Everyone wants the last time they do something to be the best, knowing that each show could be the last we have and will continue to make each one better than the last.

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